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Hello and thank you for taking the time to look into Foundry Counseling, LLC for your needs! Our knowledge and experience allow us to offer counseling and therapy services in a convenient and cost-effective method for you to get the support you need to meet your goals. Whether you are looking to clear your mind, work through quality of life needs, or find yourself, or someone else, in a dangerous situation, we can help!

Our name and logo represent the work needed to identify the pieces of life that are unwanted and remove them to ensure you have a healthy foundation for life. A Foundry is a factory that creates moldings and castings of different types of metals. They allow for those metals to be melted down to a more pure and refined liquid, molded to the new desired form, and solidified as it cools. Counseling is very much the same process. We, as the human, is the metal needing to be refined and remolded to be able to have our desired lifestyle.

We work with youth, families, and adults in a private practice setting, helping you build and confidence in your life. We have in-person and online therapy abilities.

If you are a parent or guardian needing support with your over-emotional child, we can teach you effective ways of managing those difficult times as a parent, as well as teaching your child how to handle those situations differently as well. Families often come in feeling stressed, exhausted, and overwhelmed. They find themselves assessing their lives and finding it’s not what they thought, or wanted, it to be. We can help restore relationships and empower you to change the things needed to have the lifestyle you desire.

We work with a wide range of adults. Some are leaving college and beginning their lives and find high anxiety and a lack of preparation for this transition. We help assess what already are strengths and focus on organizing and developing effective skills to move forward with confidence. There are other adults who have been in the workforce for many years and find themselves needing to make changes in their lives to create more hope and enjoyment. We help identify ways that your interests and values are part of your future and you feel more empowered and enjoyment in your life.

Pre-marital and Marriage counseling is a service we provide. We use resources from the Gottman Insitute and Prepare-Enrich. We have working relationships with many clergies to provide more in-depth work than what they may be able to provide. We also have resources for couples needing something more intensive than weekly couples counseling.

A large part of our work involves Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). This is an evidence-based treatment that focuses on increasing awareness of self and your environment and being able to effectively manage thoughts, emotions, and interactions with others. This type of therapy has proven effective with many different people and circumstances.

Foundry Counseling, LLC, has the ability to facilitate online mental health sessions following an assessment and treatment planning. Once assessment and planning are complete, we then determine together which mode of therapy is most appropriate and effective for the needs you have. We use a simple HIPAA compliant online therapy platform you log in to from your phone or computer. When appropriate, this can be helpful for students who have school and sports commitments, as well as adults needing to attend sessions while also not having time to drive to a physical location.

BEGIN COUNSELING Please click the button to the left to schedule a time to meet and determine if we are a good fit. The first session is focused on hearing what the needs are, what goals you may have or need to create and create a plan to support you in moving from where you are and achieve those goals. I look forward to hearing from you!


David Sturgess, LPC, CPCS

Owner, Therapist

376 Powder Springs St. Ste. 140
Marietta, GA 30064

(888) 700-1030

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