Breathing for a Balanced Life

Refresh yourself with deep breathing techniques that can renew your life! 

Deep breathing has been proven to help with decreasing anxiety, depression, stress and emotion dysregulation in numerous research studies on various populations over many generations. Though there are a growing number of types of breathing techniques, this blog will focus on deep breathing

Deep breathing opens up the chest cavity, allowing the air to filter through the body to clear infirmities and to bring life into the organs and muscles. It is most effective when done several times a day with intentional focus on relaxation. It prevents air from only reaching your lungs when you are in an open posture. An open posture can be sitting or standing with your elbows slightly back so that you are able to breathe into your belly cavity, deeply. 


When practicing deep breathing, place one hand on your chest over your heart and the other in the center of your stomach, about navel level. As you take a deep breath in through your nose, monitor where the air goes after it enters your body. If you feel your chest rise and fall, focus on pulling the air into your belly on the next breath. This may feel uncomfortable or unusual, but it is healthier for your entire body to breathe deep into your belly. Shallow breathing, or chest breathing, limits the amount of oxygen that your body can take in at one time. The goal is to maximize the amount of intake. 


After you are comfortable with belly breathing, practice deep breathing in rounds. One round consists of breathing in 4 counts through your nose, then holding your breath for 4 counts. (If you feel holding your breath is unsafe or too uncomfortable for you, feel free to modify the amount of time you hold your breath. Keep in mind that deep breathing may be initially an uncomfortable exercise for you. This is normal and it may take time to adjust.) After holding for 4 counts, release the air through your mouth for 4 counts.


Simply repeat for as many rounds as you feel you need in order to feel more at ease with your experience in the moment. The recommendation for breaths is at least 3 each time you are able to do so throughout the day. 

Feel free to comment or send us a message if this blog has been helpful for you or if you have any questions!

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Written by Rachel Schleier, Foundry Counseling, LLC 

Clinical Intern & Administrative Assistant

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