Counseling for First Responders & Families

You’re a first responder. You go to work every day and often put your life on the line to serve your community. However, after some time you’ve begun to notice the toll your profession has taken on your mental health. Perhaps. you’ve experienced trauma in the line of duty or responded to the scene of extremely traumatic and emotionally charged situations. Maybe, you are experiencing professional anxiety and burnout and this is affecting your job performance.

Perhaps, you are snapping at your loved ones, and you are taking your feelings of overwhelm out on them causing issues in your relationship. Or you’ve noticed your spouse, partner, and/or children acting anxious and stressed every time you leave for work.

First Responders Are At Greater Risk For Mental Health Concerns

Whatever mental health issues you’re experiencing, know that you’re not alone. Although it may not be talked about as often as it should be, many first responders experience mental health challenges. In fact, research shows that the trauma of being a first responder both exacerbates and causes other issues to arise. One study even found that first responders are more likely to show suicidal tendencies than the general population. At Foundry Counseling in Marietta, GA we consider counseling for first responders to be one of our most important specialties. Our therapists have the skills to help you navigate tough times and emotions, so you can get back to the life and career you love.

Counseling Can Help First Responders Deal with the Stress of Their Career

Firefighter in their gear getting into a firetruck. If the stress and trauma of being a first responder is negatively affecting your life or your relationships consider counseling for first responders in Marietta, GA at Foundry Counseling

First Responders have a unique job that is grossly misunderstood. Due to the nature of their jobs and the trauma they experience in the field, they may experience a variety of mental health concerns. However, there is a stigma surrounding mental health, and that stigma is only bigger within many First Responder agencies. First Responders are often very guarded and do not easily trust others. So, they need a confidential and safe environment where they can talk about their experiences and how it affects them on the job and in their personal life. Unfortunately, keeping this stress bottled up creates a cycle that allows the distress to continue.

Although the trauma, vicarious trauma, and stress of their profession are intense, this is not the only issue first responders experience while on the job. Sometimes, it is not so much the types of calls causing the distress, because most first responders understand what they are signing up to respond to. But, they also experience extreme politics and bureaucracy within their agencies that can make it profoundly challenging to do their job to the best of their abilities. Counseling can be just as much about processing a traumatic call as the trauma of workplace politics.

Counseling for First Responder Families

First Responder families often experience mental health challenges due to their loved one’s profession. While they are not in the police car, ambulance, fire truck, ER, etc., they still experience the stress and trauma of living with a first responder. And, what makes it even more challenging is that often spouses and partners do not want to share with their First Responder due to the assumption that they already have enough to deal with. So they keep it locked inside until it eventually causes distress in the relationship.

Additionally, the children of first responders are often afraid that their parents will get hurt in the line of duty. Or, they may be coping with the social stigma of having a parent who is a first responder. Unfortunately, there has been an increase in children being bullied because their parent is a First Responder. Especially now due to the current social and political climate.

Our Approach to Counseling for First Responders and Their Families

Police at a car during a traffic stop. If the stress of being a first responder is causing trouble in your life and relationships. Get counseling for first responders in Marietta, GA or online therapy in GeorgiaTherapist David Sturgess has worked in the First Responder field in the past and is skilled at offering therapy to First Responders in the Atlanta area. He has provided critical incident stress management and grief counseling for multiple departments following the death of First Responders.

Counseling the families of first responders is unique, as the job of a First Responder is unique. Family, neighbors, and friends cannot relate. They get their understanding from social media, agenda-based news, or Hollywood. None of which are accurate.

Having a safe and confidential place for the First Responder and/or their family is the goal of therapy at Foundry Counseling, David and the therapy team has the clinical skills to do the necessary therapy work. And, they also value the sacrifice first responders make to keep us safe.

Services Offered at Foundry Counseling

Foundry Counseling deliberately has chosen not to facilitate fitness for duty assessments. However, we do routinely meet with officers that want to work through a difficult situation. We work with them to develop a therapeutic plan including brief solution-focused work. This helps them resolve distress from a call or an interaction with a person at work. Contact David directly to learn more about this service.

Aside from working through mental health concerns, therapy can also help during times of career transitions and retirement. Especially when they are life-changing. Many have spent their entire career in this field. So, they struggle to recognize how the skills they have developed at work are actually transferable and easily applied in other areas of their lives.

Begin Counseling for First Responders and their Families in Marietta, GA:

paramedics loading someone on a stretcher into an ambulance. They can learn to cope with stress by getting counseling for first responders in Marietta, GA or online therapy in Georgia at Foundry CounselingIf you are a first responder and you and/or your family are struggling with mental health concerns, then please reach out to us to learn about the ways we can help you find healing. Our therapy team would be honored to speak with you about the many ways we can help you. Our goal is to get you back to enjoying your life and career. To begin counseling in Marietta, GA, or online therapy in Georgia, follow these steps:

  1. Contact our Atlanta-area counseling center
  2. Set up a free consultation appointment and speak with a skilled therapist
  3. Begin counseling for first responders and move forward with confidence.

Other Services Offered at Foundry Counseling

Our Atlanta-area counseling center offers a wide variety of counseling services for your entire family. Our counseling services include online therapy in Georgia, couples therapy and marriage counseling, individual therapy, DBT, family therapyfaith-based counseling, trauma and PTSD treatment, and addictions counselingContact our therapy office to learn more about how we can help you or your loved ones build peace and confidence in your life.

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