Family Therapy

Family relationships affect who we are and who we become, for better or worse. They shape how you think, act, speak and behave. Ultimately, your relationship with your loved ones shapes how you view the world and yourself.

Perhaps, your family is going through a tough time and you’re struggling to communicate with each other. Which unfortunately causes tension in your home. Maybe, everyone is arguing, or you’re dealing with adult-child power struggles. Or, maybe you’re going through a divorce or creating a blended family and everyone is struggling to adapt to the changes ahead.

Unhappy family on a park bench with mother and father showing concern for their teenage son. Get family therapy in Marietta, GA to cope with family issues through online therapy in Georgia.

Whatever is causing issues between you and your loved ones can be addressed in family therapy. Anyone seeking healthier, closer family relationships can benefit from working with a skilled family therapist. The goal of family therapy is to address everyone’s concerns equally because each person is experiencing the same event, they just have a different perspective. So, it’s important to honor that can let everyone have a chance to share their thoughts and feelings. Remember, a child does not have the life experience, ability to interrupt, or communicate as effectively as an adult does. And, many adults do not know how to recognize needs in children through their challenging behaviors.

Reasons to Consider Family Therapy

Families can be complicated. When issues arise between family members, your home can feel like a hostile environment and everyone may suffer. There are many issues that bring families to counseling. However, some of the common reasons include:

  • Arguments and hostility
  • Poor communication
  • Divorce and co-parenting
  • Creating a blended family
  • Parent-child conflict
  • Inappropriate power dynamics (kids are in control)
  • Problems between siblings
  • Domestic violence
  • The unexpected or traumatic loss of a family member

Family therapy is necessary to address family issues and heal a family’s wounds. If any of the above scenarios resonate with your family, consider seeking family therapy.

What You Can Gain From Family Therapy

  • family with mother, father and, sun walk in the park with a pinwheel. They benefited from working with a family therapist and going to family therapy in Marietta, GA at Foundry Counseling family at sunset | family therapy in marietta, GA | family therapist | online therapy in Georgia | Foundry Counseling 30064Strategies to develop and maintain boundaries
  • Improved sense of cohesion and communication among family members
  • Techniques to foster problem-solving
  • Empathy and understanding
  • Reduced family conflict
  • Effective strategies to co-parent following a divorce or joining of blended families.
  • Techniques to cope with drama and deal with value differences between the close and extended family members.

Studies show that family therapy is particularly important for families with members who struggle with substance abuse, eating disorders, and other behavioral issues. When the whole family grows and learns to communicate effectively, each member is better off.

Counseling for First Responder Families

Families of first responders experience unique challenges that can take a toll on the family’s wellbeing.  The risk involved in this career may cause a significant amount of stress on the entire family. This stress can cause misunderstandings and hurt feelings between family members and the individual who works on the front lines. Unfortunately, if these issues are left unaddressed, they can cause major issues.

Being a first responder is an extremely difficult and dangerous job. However, what you may not realize is that the entire family can suffer as a result of the stress. While the family may not experience the realities of being on the front line, they do absorb some of the stress and emotions that their loved one brings home. For example, children may overhear what their parent experienced at work and may feel scared as a result. Or, a spouse may feel nervous every time their partner leaves because they do not know if they will return home safely. This is called vicarious or secondary trauma.

Children of First Responders often experience thoughts and feelings they do not know how to communicate this stress. Their big feelings may cause issues at school or difficult behaviors. This is common given the intensity of the feelings and the inability for children to interpret what they feel and formulate that into understandable words.

Counseling families of first responders is a special opportunity that we value immensely! We believe that addressing these issues in counseling, allows both the first responder and their family an opportunity to address their concerns and cope with the stressors they’re experiencing.

Begin Family Therapy in Marietta, GA

family with mom, dad, and three children run through a field at sunset. This represents a happy family who got family therapy in Marietta, GA at Foundary Counseling 30064If your family is struggling, know you don’t have to deal with these issues on your own. Family therapy can help you move forward together in a happy and peaceful way. To begin counseling in Marietta or online therapy in Georgia, follow these steps:

  1. Contact our Atlanta-area counseling center
  2. Set up a free consultation appointment and speak with a family therapist
  3. Begin family therapy and find healing and joy!

Other Services Offered at Foundry Counseling

Our Atlanta-area counseling center offers a wide variety of counseling services for your entire family. Our counseling services include individual therapy, DBT, trauma and PTSD treatment, faith-based counseling, and addictions counseling. If you’re not located in Atlanta, don’t worry! We also offer online therapy in Georgia. Contact our therapy office to learn more about how we can help you or your loved ones build peace and confidence in your life.

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